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Inflammation in body tissues and organs is often caused by injury or disease, and many times prolonged inflammation can lead to structural and functional damage. To help control inflammation, the body produces natural anti-inflammatory factors.

The results of studies published in peer journals, along with worldwide patents, clearly demonstrate that daily consumption of SMBI milk products relieves inflammation and helps protect against structural and functional damage caused by acute and chronic inflammation.

A common process in the body, inflammation is triggered when the body releases chemical signals and sends them to the site of an injury. Special blood cells then rush to the site, releasing enzymes and chemical mediators that protect against the injury's cause - which might include infections, reactions to surgery, accidents, or a vast array of diseases.

Extensive research by SMBI and others has proven that advanced SMBI milk technologies help control inflammation and the structural and functional damage it can cause. Scientific studies further show that SMBI milk innovations achieve these results by enhancing expression of the body's naturally occurring anti-inflammatory substances.

Included among the potential anti-inflammatory applications for SMBI technologies are consumer milk products as well as SMBI ingredients used in the development of foods, medicinals and nutritional supplements. These applications would be designed to support the body's own natural defense mechanisms by helping to control and limit harmful inflammation.

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