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Enhancing athletic performance
The Milk of Human Science
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Athletic Performance

Studies prove that cardiovascular performance in various sports activities can be enhanced by ingesting SMBI consumer milk products or by consuming foods, medicinals or nutritional supplements formulated with SMBI ingredients. SMBI milk technologies have also been proven to reduce the aches and pains often experienced by athletes in a wide variety of sports activities.

As part of its extensive scientific research, SMBI conducted a double-blind clinical study of 18 marathon runners. The runners consumed either SMBI milk or "control" milk for 6 months and kept track of their performance.

The study showed that recovery time (days between training or racing) improved significantly in the SMBI milk group as compared to the control group. In addition, percentage of body fat during the 6-month period was also measured, and the percentage decreased markedly in the SMBI milk group while remaining relatively stable in the control group.

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