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Antibodies are vital in protecting the body against disease, and one of the best sources of antibodies is cow's milk. SMBI, utilizing knowledge gained from more than four decades of extensive research and studies, has enhanced the natural benefits of milk to supplement the human body's own ability to maintain wellness.

Most people don't realize it, but even though the body may show no signs of health problems, it does not maintain consistent levels of antibody activity over time. When sickness and disease occur, or when the body is stressed by life's everyday challenges, the need for antibodies becomes critical in the battle against infection.

The antibodies that are present naturally in cow's milk are proteins formed as a result of dairy cows being exposed to various infections during their lives. As far back as 1892, scientists realized that animals could be stimulated scientifically to produce certain antibodies in their milk - antibodies that could improve milk's ability to fight off diseases and infections in people.

SMBI has taken these findings further, developing natural consumer milk products as well as ingredients that can bring specific health benefits to food, medicinal and nutritional supplement formulations. SMBI's advancements in milk research have been scientifically proven to enhance milk's ability to provide antibodies that help improve the body's natural defenses.

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